Transport & Custom Brokerage

Transport & Custom Brokerage

Many growing businesses need to export and import cargo. Their choice of associate company is a critical business decision for them. The company must provide a cost effective and reliable service.

We understand this need, work towards it and thus, deliver the right solutions. At COMBINED LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS, we are motivated to provide transport and customer brokerage that helps you get the best possible solutions for your requirements.

We have enough references in all the major cities of the world to get you the localized and personalized services.

Although our prime area of activity is India, but are equally adopt to provide custom brokerage facilities around the world. We have more than decade’s experience in services like custom clearance of goods, documentation etc. Our specialized custom brokers have the necessary skills on manage document, calculate duties, taxes, excises and co-ordinate with exporters and importers.

All in all our transport and custom brokerage services are designed to take away all your travel worries and let you focus on what you do best.

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