Our Work Place

We Provide a Package of Solutions

The Storage Solution

As an international freight forwarder, we also offer warehouse and logistics services to a number of renowned manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers and business units.

The Logistics Solution

With deeply understanding of transportation and logistics, Global Link Logistics Company offers custom Packaging & Storage for heavy, oversized cargo including machinery and industrial equipment.

The Final Destination

Freight transportation couldn’t be successful in absence of customs approval. Hence, to make transportation unbeatable Global Link Logistics Company has been providing reliable customs clearance services from decade.

A Humble Beginning

Although service was fantastic, I would like to say (Global Link Logistics Company Worldwide Ltd.). has helped me more than I could write down. Thank you once again. Brian P Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina

Early Phase of Growth

Great service! Very helpful and attentive. The service we received was fantastic! R C (SAARC) India

The Consolidation Phase

I would like to personally thank (Team Global Link Logistics Company Worldwide ltd.). for all of their hard work on my shipment. Jiselle USA

The Achievement Phase

Their performance on our project was extremely successful. As a result of this collaboration, the project was built with exceptional quality & delivered. Orlando E. Douglas CEO, Green Valley Inc, London

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