Cargo Handling Services

Cargo Handling Services

Together, we can forge ahead…!

Ever since we started our operations in Jan 2016, our Assets Under Management (AUM) has been steadily growing contributing more than 40% of the total invested fund.

Implant Types :

  • AN Aviation Services Co. offers its customers a full international cargo handling services passed on IATA Standard Ground Handling basis.

    • Cargo Aircraft Handling
    • Flight documentation
    • IATA Certified Dangerous Goods Handling Staff
    • Handling of Special Cargo (VAL, AVI, BIG and etc)
    • ULD Handling and Control
    • Close interface with ramp services on the coordination of services and the


  • seamless transfer of shipment between warehouse and aircraft parking ramps.

Furthermore, AN Aviation already processes over 900,000 tonnes of cargo offering an integrated handling product from aircraft loading and unloading, dangerous goods handling, supervision and capacity control.

AN Aviation also provides services for a wide range of cargo aircraft… B747F, B767F, AB-4F, MD-11F, IL-76, AN-124, DC10.


Protection Plans

Our air cargo business accounts for approximately 20 percent of our revenue. We handle everything from general cargo to specialist shipments like high-value or temperaturesensitive products.


Air Cargo

Some 4.8 million tons of air cargo passed through Swissport’s 122 warehouses in 2018. Seven facilities are CEIV Pharma-certified by IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators. The year 2018 saw Basel, Switzerland and Montreal, Canada join our pharma network.

With IATA Certified Dangerous Goods Handling Staff, we are able to handle dangerous goods according to your specific requirements, with fully well-trained staff permanently on hand to oversee the process and ensure that freight is handled in accordance with regulatory and carrier requirements.

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